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Home Electrical Safety Inspections & Electrical Rewiring 

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What is a house electrical safety check?

A house electrical safety check is where we go and check the switchboard, test the circuit breakers and safety switches on the switchboard, inspect the existing electrical wiring, visual inspection of power point lights and switches and ensure the lights are earthed.

Why should I get a safety check done?

A safety switch is a residual current device that will trip the power within 0.03 seconds of someone
coming into contact of it. With the new regulations it is recommended that every circuit on your
switchboard be fitted with safety switches.

When should I get a safety check done?

If you notice your lights flickering, or you find your safety switches are tripping, then you should get a safety check done.
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How much does a safety check cost?

A safety check will cost approximately $99 including GST.