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Safety Switches and Switchboard Upgrades 
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Safety Switch inside a small apartment

Safety switches and switchboards

  • What your safety switch does
  • What to do if your safety switch is tripping
  • When to upgrade your switchboard
  • What your safety switch looks like
  • Where your safety switch is located

What is a safety switch ?

A safety switch is a residual current device that will trip the power within 0.03 seconds of someone
coming into contact of it. With the new regulations it is recommended that every circuit on your
switchboard be fitted with safety switches.

My safety switch is tripping, what can I do ?

A safety switch can be tripping due to a lot of different reasons. 

The first step in finding out why the safety switch is tripping, is to go around to every power point that has been affected and completely unplug everything that is plugged in eg (Dishwashers, water pumps, TV’s, Fridges). 

Once you have unplugged everything on the circuit, you can go out to the switchboard and try and reset the safety switch. If it reset’s, then go back one by one and plug everything in until you find the faulty

If the safety switch will not reset, your best ringing Cardinia Electrical on 0439426441 as it could be a wiring fault or a faulty safety switch which needs a certified electrician to repair.

When is it time to upgrade my switchboard?

You should upgrade your switchboard if it has the old ceramic fuses on it. 

The old ceramic boards are known for often catching fire and generally don’t have a currented limited main switch. These switchboards are unsafe as they could potentially burn down your property and do not prevent electrical shock as they do not have current safety switches installed. 

When you upgrade your switchboard you will get a current limited main switch safety switches on every circuit the board sealed with fire caulk and a new earth stake to ensure safety.

What does a Safety Switch look like?

This standard Australian safety switch has all the switches in the on position. If the safety switch was tripped, the switch would be in the "down" position, indicating it had been turned off.

A typical Australian residential safety switch

A standard Australian Safety Switch

Where is my safety switch?

Your safety switch may be located inside your home, or attached to an exterior wall.
You may find your safety switch located with your power meter.