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Lighting and LED downlights

  • LED costs compared to halogen downlights
  • Heat generated by LED downlights
  • LED downlight installation costs
  • LED light colour options
  • Other light fitting and fan options

Do LED downlights really save you money?

The answer is YES they do, when you have an old halogen downlight it uses about 50watts of power per downlight. If you install a new LED downlight, it will only use about 10watts. So you end up saving 70-80% which is a great way to save money and the environment. LED downlights also last roughly 3x as long as a halogen downlight, therefore don’t need to be replaced as often and cost less to purchase, all adding up.

Do the new LED downlights get hot?

No they do not get hot like the old ones. The old halogen downlights would often start house fires when a bit of insulation would blow or fall on top of the hot downlight and ignite. The new LED downlights are rated to “IC-F” abutted and covered which means they can be completely covered in insulation and not create a fire. But at Cardinia Electrical we clear all the insulation away from the downlights to minimize the risk even more.

What does it cost to get a LED downlight installed where an existing halogen downlight is?

As a rough price guide to get a 90mm LED Tri-Colour downlight installed where an existing halogen downlight is, you’re looking at roughly $45+GST. But you’re better off giving Cardinia Electrical a call for a free quote.

How do I know what colour light to choose?

At Cardinia Electrical we use a tri-coloured downlight so you can select between warm white, cool white and daylight. They also come in silver or white around the outside of the light so you can customise the look to suit your house. But we can also install other LED downlights of your choice.

Can you also install other light fittings and fans?

Yes we are the  Beacon Lighting preferred electrician in Pakenham so we have a lot of experience installing ceiling fans, remote control ceiling fans, pendant lights, outside lights, bathroom heat lights and decorative lights.

IC-F rated LED downlight

What do LED downlights look like?

While LED downlights look very similar to halogen downlights, they might not be 100% compatible with your existing light fittings. Give Cardinia Electrical a call now on 0439 426 441 for a free quote.